Monday, August 4, 2008

Recent history of CNN's VP fever

The McCain camp has played McCNN like a fiddle with constant signals on their Vice Presidential pick, none of which has meant anything but distraction from Obama's trip overseas. Here's a partial list:

  • 7/18: Romney and the veepstakes. No intention of actually picking while the media provides a free conduit for bullshit speculation, which they love more than sex.
  • 7/22: Talk of a VP announcement. Bullshit. They never intended to announce, only to talk about it with the drooling press. Well, did it happen?
  • 7/22: VP!! Only it's Jindal this time. Yum, the press corps loves the taste of that well-ripened bullshit.
  • 7/22: Jack Cafferty bites on the VP penis sandwich.
  • 7/23: A bad day with town halls gone awry and a gaffe on Iraq, but there's still VP speculation, though now it's Pawlenty (and you're welcome for my skipping the lame pun). The media as Charlie Brown keep trying to kick that football.
  • 7/23: Pawlenty gets another story. OMFG.
  • 7/23: VP speculation coming and going with a no that no one believes from Jindal. If they believed it, they'd miss the Jindal story next week.
  • 7/24: Pawlenty again! Announcement any day now. Media insane with the delight of a dog licking its privates.
  • 7/25: Bloom off the rose! VP now Portman (Ron). Man, this is an oldie but a goodie.
  • 7/25: No VP announcement. No announcement as long as we can keep you in stories.
Then, quick as a wink, no more stories for a week. Oh, there's the occasional token story about a Democratic pick, but no McCain VP in sight. Sigh.

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