Monday, August 4, 2008

More Republican tantrums

The right-wing Washington Times (h/t CNN) says that the Republicans are planning to hold operation of the government hostage to force a vote on off-shore drilling. Give the oil companies a windfall that they can bank for decades, or they'll shut down everything else. Waaaah!

It doesn't pay to reward this kind of behavior by caving in to it. Washington Dems, these lock-step extortionists are not your friends, no matter how they smile to your face. Slap them down hard every time they do this shit, and they'll stop doing it.

By the way, change some of the Senate rules that rely on collegial comity come January. Otherwise, the Republicans will try to continue to rule with their 43 seats (random prediction).

Linking to the Moonie Times makes me feel dirty.

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