Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cindy could date a married man

... but Elizabeth Edwards is obligated to air John's dirty linen in public. The witless level of double standards in political "journalism" is staggering.

Side note: David Vitter watch, day 411. Quick, can some AP hack please ask his wife what she knew and when she knew it!

Update (8/27): So. This little item is very popular. So is this one. What they have in common is candidates' wives and thoroughly vapid coverage from the media. But the reason that the media delivers so much drivel is partly that we keep clicking on it.

Items about substance, even if snarkily phrased, get much less attention and comment. War? Who cares? We want to know about the sex lives of politicians! Sad but true.


Lukie said...

You point to Cindy like this is a Republican thing. It is the Democrats that are giving Elizabeth a hard time. The same Democrats that welcomed Hillary with open arms, after Bill's MULTIPLE affairs. Hillary would NEVER divorce Billy she has had her eye on the White House since she was able to speak. Don't blame the Republicans on this one. The fire is coming from within the party.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what they are doing to each other. He can have as many affairs as he likes and she can divorce him if she likes, but I don't care what they do in their personal lives and that has no impact on their ability to lead or to make decisions.

This whole personal politics nonsense is way out of whack. In a country where divorce is at 75 percent why should I care how people are behaving in their sexual lives. As long as they pay their bills and love their kids its none of my business.

lovable liberal said...

Lukie, try to keep up. I'm belaboring the media for their double standard. Democrat has sex? Developing story!!! Republican has sex? It would be unseemly to comment further (unless it's gay sex).

Yes, it's sour Hillary PUMAs who are the sources for this story. They're still pissed because they think she would have inevitably won the nomination if Edwards had just bowed out earlier - the Howard Wolfson theory. Never mind that Hillary never bowed out of anything because Bill had something on the side, which I agree with you about.

Note to anonymous: The divorce rate is actually around 50%. Yeah, let's stop dragging politicians through the mud as if we expect them (the Dems, anyhow) to be holy men.

lukie said...

Anonymous, spoken like a true Democrat. CHARACTER that is what it shows.

LateNiteLisa said...

Attacking this poor woman based on her wanting to keep the humiliating details of her private life private is disgusting. How many of you have had a husband that snuck around and had a mistress? The wife tends to be the last to know. It is humiliating. When my powerful husband did this to me, I kept the information from my family as long as possible. Luckily our private lives weren't newsworthy beyond a local gossip rag.

The focus of your attacks needs to shift where it belongs. Her scumbag husband and his whore of a mistress and her out of wedlock child. This baby should be taken from such a slut and given to a family that will adopt it and raise it right. They are the ones who should become outcasts of society. Behavior like this should not be tolerated by anyone, especially people who want to be leaders of MY country.

It is sad to see how far we haven't come. Are we still in the 1920s when it is the wives fault that their husbands are scumbag cheaters?

I don't want someone who is such a failure at managing his own life having ANY power in running my city, county, state or country. You know they'll fail at that too.


lovable liberal said...

Lukie, look around, buddy. There are plenty of cheating Republicans, too, including the one who is the GOP nominee for President.

LateNightLisa, I guess you must be voting for Obama then.

Anonymous said...

isn't the US so forward thinking. lets blame the terminally ill wife for the for the power sick p.o.s who cheated on her. wow. maybe we should go to the middle east where these ideals are more equal. How about ALL the many, many people who knew about this obvious affair... and this woman, Ms. Edwards' who was made to feel she had to suffer in silence, for the good of everyone else But her.

Anonymous said...

you know if she went public she would have been seen as a vindictive scorn b*tch. there is no way to win, i cant believe that anyone is ridiculing this poor woman. why isn't anyone saying anything about the slut who obviously knew she was w/ a married man. absolutely unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone have to be a villain in this situation? This is a private matter, we are all flawed, and they are still together, which is what counts. I have always considered that liberals were more compassionate than conservatives, but there is a lot of hatred spewing from our side. What Edwards did isn't right, but all three parties involved are consenting adults and deserve to live their lives in privacy. Maybe if we worried more about issues than other people's sex lives this country would be in better shape...!!!

Anonymous said...

Where it the compassion? Put yourself in her shoes. This woman belongs to be in the running for sainthood, how much can 1 person take? She loses a young son. I have never had that happen and I am sure I can't even come close to realizing how devastating that would be. Then she is diagnosed with breast cancer, goes into remission just to be told it's back and now it is bone cancer. The prognosis is not good. She has 2 young children that she will leave behind, what a haunting feeling, for those of us with children hug them close and pray for many more days to love them and nurture them. And then the ultimate betrayal of her husband, her friend, her confidant, the one person in her world she thought would always be there for her . And people are upset for the Democratic party that this poor woman didn’t tell her husband was having an affair. GIVE ME A BREAK! Lets sling him up by his toes and let him hang in downtown Washington DC till he rots, but let’s give this poor soul all of our love , compassion that is humanly possible. One never knows when you might be in her shoes, or that maybe you already are you just don't know it yet.

lovable liberal said...

To anonymous at 1:02 a.m.: Yes, exactly! If the media would distinguish public from private lives for everyone, Republicans and Democrats alike, that would be great.