Friday, August 29, 2008

Champagne and caviar for everyone

... everyone making more than $200,000 $1 million a year, that is. For the rest, the usual Republican pittance.

Notice how the bio blurb whitewashes Fiorina's utter failure at HP!

The GOP, party of CEOs failing upward. They may or may not believe that the business of America is the enrichment of themselves, but that's the "principle" they act on.

Update: Preventively removed the hyperbole to avoid baiting the trolls.


Anonymous said...

While the middle class and the poor work hard and struggle, the upper 1% party on and that's what McCain wants to continue. He is not a man for the people but for the rich and the corporations. He is much like bush in many aspects in that daddy got him into school, he finished last in his class, he is totally stubborn, has no patience and a horrific temper and digs in with his decisions. He's not qualified to be the president.

lovable liberal said...

Amen, anonymous. We'll see if the Republican spin machine can turn that sow's ear into a silk purse.