Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I was a doubter, too

Obama's candidacy is not just a candidacy. Like Hillary's, it's a symbol. When the primary season started, I didn't think that either could win the Presidency. Now that Obama has won the nomination, I think it's possible, though by no means assured. From day to day, I have just about all the feelings expressed in this story.

Here's the thing: It is vital for the country to elect Obama, not as a symbol but as a daily leader. The nitty-gritty business of repairing the Bushist damage has to start as early as possible (and it still may be too late).

Obama will no doubt be imperfect. His youth will help sometimes and hurt at others. I suspect that his foreign policy work will be much more intelligent and flexible than McCain's juvenile bluster.


nigelt said...
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Nigel said...

I have been a fan of Obama for almost a year now. I am not even an American and I think he is the best thing for my country (Canada). I really wish we had a strong, charismatic leader who could inspire people to take interest in politics. Unfortunately, we have no such leader, elected or running, so I will just have to take pleasure in following US politic. Go Obama!