Thursday, August 14, 2008

Asleep at the switch again

Republicans talk tough, but:

The United States has repositioned some of its intelligence assets to provide the Bush administration with direct information about the conflict in Georgia and Russian military movements, a U.S. defense official said Thursday.


In the initial days of the Russian-Georgian conflict, the United States did not have its own assessment of the fighting, said the official, who would not speak for attribution because of the sensitivity of the situation.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you Americans are being lied to big time about what is really happening here.

Georgia started this conflict because it felt free to invade it's neighbors based on US support.

Russia has a right to act as it sees fit in it's own part of the world

The US has no capability to fight the Russians other than the nuclear card, which = destruction for all involved.

You can do nothing, you will do nothing, you can have all the information you want and you can still do nothing.

Speaking tough today will lead to embarassment tomorrow