Thursday, August 28, 2008

Supposed attacks - a double dip

Amy Holmes starts her blog item with:

As John Kerry fulminates over supposed attacks by Republicans on Democrats' patriotism, I might remind readers that it was Bill Clinton who seemed to call into Obama's love of country when he said on the campaign trail in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Supposed? She can't even admit that they have happened over and over again? Probably she has even made some of those attacks. Certainly her friends have.

Republican pundits view their job as advancing the cause. Democratic pundits view their job as analyzing events honestly from a Democratic perspective.

Republicans don't care if what they say is obvious bullshit as long as it sticks in the narrative. Democrats care about what's actually defensibly true.

The reason that stupid people overwhelmingly vote Republican is that Republicans understand that they only need impressions, not actual knowledge to decide what they believe.

One other thing: Does McCNN know that it's using an item from National Review's Corner?

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