Friday, August 29, 2008

Not on C-SPAN early enough

Network coverage is increasingly bullshit-ridden. They'd rather let raving lunatics like Pat Buchanan strain his voice as if what he says has any value. And they miss things like this:

He told his story of losing the Indiana factory job he'd held for 30 years and then said America needed a president who paid more attention to "Barney Smith" not "Smith Barney."
I didn't tune to C-SPAN soon enough to hear Barney Smith, but obviously somebody's TV cameras were rolling:


SmithKaren said...

Doesn't Barney understand it is the democrates that are distroying this country and sending our jobs overseas due to greed and political gain, not the Republicans?
Time to take a good long look at congress, they are running this country into the ground.
It is time for Country first!
vote for true Americans,
John McCain, Sarah Palin
Real folks, like us.

lovable liberal said...

Nice parody, SmithKaren. No one could sound as foolish as you do without trying, right?

Anonymous said...


The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.
...Albert Einstein

lovable liberal said...

Imagine! Shouting and then quoting Albert Einstein. I'd say you didn't understand Einstein's critique of your thinking.