Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Four more months!

Amid all the lockstep, on-message Republican attempts to paint Hillary's endorsement of Obama as, what?, a lie, don't miss this:

Pennsylvania Sen. Robert Casey Jr. at one point feigned shock at the idea that the Republican Party was asking for four more years in the White House, promising the party of President Bush and McCain "not four more years, but four more months."
I'm delighted that Rudy Giuliani will deliver a keynote at the RNC. Let the Republicans showcase his unpopularity all they want.

There's also something funny about the two stories I've linked to. One of them is labelled "GOP reaction," yet the other is also filled with Republican spin. Ah, the GOP, so much bullshit that it didn't all fit into a single story!

Update: If you like this item, you might like an oldie from May 1.


Anonymous said...

Very good points! The Republicans have been lying so long that they don't know the truth from fiction. Ready to lead??? McCain is as dumb as dubya and has never had the brains to lead. Besides that, he's a crappy pilot! Does he want us all to follow him head first into the ground? I am tired of the conservative bullshit!!!

Anonymous said...

Yea i agree with you he is just crumpy old man