Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cheeky substance

Reacting to the Republicans' yawning charisma gap, Tucky Bounds is rich to tell McCNN to look for substance in Barack Obama, but I'm all for looking for substance. Here's McCain's:

  • He's supposed to be a maverick, but he has voted increasingly in lock step with the Bushists.
  • He's supposed to have foreign policy credentials, but he doesn't know Shi'a from Sunni, constantly advocates for war, and pursues the goals of his campaign manager who lobbies for Georgia with bluster and noise.
  • He's supposed to be a reformer, but he played the campaign finance system.
  • He opposed torture then acquiesced in Duhbya's doing it.
  • He knows nothing about the economy, though he's happy mouthing disproven Republican bullshit about it.
  • He says he's a "Republican change agent," when there's no such thing.
  • He flip-flops like a bluefish hauled up onto the beach.
That substance in your cheeks? Not what I'd choose to govern with. Real substance? Bring it on. All McCain has is years - all the years since he finished very close to dead last in his class at the Naval Academy.

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