Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Astronomy break

I've been so busy griping about nonsense this summer, among other things, that unless I happen to catch one tomorrow, I've missed the Perseid meteor shower. With the gibbous moon waxing, it wasn't a good August to see much anyway, and the near saturation of the atmosphere with water vapor renders everything into a soft focus more suitable for an aging actress than for brilliant brief flashes of fire.

I wonder how the Quadrantids will be in January. I once fell asleep in my parka and sleeping bag in the back yard waiting for more Quadrantids. Maybe I'll need to do that again. (No, I'm not worried about the neighborhood coyotes.)

It always does me good to remember that gravity will continue to turn the world no matter how foolish or insightful the voters turn out to be in November (and September, here in Massachusetts).

Click image for public domain claim at Wikimedia Commons.

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