Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Catching up after your coma

McCNN gives us the Authorized Biography of John McCain for all the curious voters who've been unconscious for the past two years or even longer. Should you be able to vote with an EEG so flat?

Can we expect an equally friendly Obama hagiography? I'll be watching for it. Hey, Bigfoot was almost real the other day.

Update: I didn't realize for a moment that McCNN had already posted the answer, albeit with a link in small type. Here's the result: McCain called to duty vs. Obama unexpectedly lucky bastard. Incredible!


Truth be Told said...

“Obama: A Meteoric Rise” and “McCain: A call to Serve”. Really!

Just come out and say it. “Obama: DON’T VOTE FOR HIM” “McCain: This is our guy”.

Ed T said...

It bothers me that we have so many americans who are willing to vote in politicians that represent us so poorly. I am embarassed to listen to our current president speak and would be embarassed to watch McCain represent us to a world audience as well. The man is trigger happy and eager for war. It makes no sense that someone who claims to be pro-life is so willing to send our sons and daughters to either die or kill someone else.

Vietnam Vets against McCain said...

When are you going to do some real reporting about McCain's military record? Afraid to touch it? Stopped by the sanitized commendations only information released under the FIA.

Just take a look at this to get an idea of what you might find