Sunday, August 24, 2008

Invading McCain's base

Maybe the selection of Joe Biden is an attempt to subvert McCain's lead in the press corps. Here's Wolf Blitzer's Freudian slip:

Knowing Biden as I do, this will be a feisty moment.
If so, it's not working yet. Can you imagine such a dismissive lead for McCain and the RNC as Wolf sticks on Obama and the DNC?
And now the selling begins.


dean said...

Joe Biden: Another Trial Lawyer - what a surprise. But he has the 7-11 Indian Accent. Down good. LOL! Why is every DEM a lawyer - Edwards, Obama, Biden, Clinton, Bayh. Amazing this party thinks they represent the Middle Class - LOL - What a bunch of elitists. Now Biden - the false teeth and Hair implants guy-and 3rd Most Liberal Voting Senator, is going to tell you how bad the Rep are. Can’t wait for old Joe to put his foot in his mouth yet again.

lovable liberal said...

What a load of typical Republican know-nothing crap! Try harder dean. You could find an original thought in your head. You could even try fairness. Nope, a witless ditto-head.