Sunday, August 31, 2008

How many refugees

I'm a little leery of giving the McCain press operation an idea for a craven political gimmick, but here goes anyway.

Now that Duhbya is trying to prove mastery of the difficult ass/hole in the ground distinction by saying, "Run away," how many refugees can fit into McCain's houses? Can he fly them there on his campaign jet on loan from Cindy's family business.

By the way, I really don't care if Cindy is offended. What matters to me is that McCain has tried to portray Obama as an out of touch elitist, yet the houses and the $5 million middle class and Phil Gramm's whiners remark and the health adviser's claim that ER service should count as health insurance all show that McCain is the out of touch elitist.

If the McCain people are desperate enough to take this suggestion, it will backfire on them anyway. It will be an obvious pander (though the press will need that pointed out to them), and they'll have long-term lodgers (Christmas with John and Cindy!), which will probably necessitate their purchase of even more houses.

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Anonymous said...

I maybe don't belong here. I got this thread through CNN. If you could direct me to a suitable thread I'll go away. There is a Canadian C-17 loaded with goodies headed for New Orleans as we speak. There is no response from FEMA (again). The First Response unit in Katrina was the City of Vancouver Urban Search and Rescue Team. During Hurricane Mitch it was HMCS Provider that was first on the scene. LOOK AFTER YOURSELVES!!! We have problems to the north with Russia and Norway and, needless to say, with the good old U.S.A. As the "most powerful" nation on Earth, do something for your populace. Gad!! It's you guys that should be nuked.

lovable liberal said...

A Canadian with a chip on your shoulder, eh? Until that last sentence, I couldn't blame you, but it's pretty stupid.

Anonymous said...

I live in many people did you take to live with you, support, feed and send to school...why should McCain? How long should the govt. take care of people who refuse to help themselves. I will help anyone trying to help themself. I am neither right or left, just a senior citizen that believes in people being responsible for themselves, help should be temporary.

lovable liberal said...

Well, McCain has houses to spare. Me, only one and no jet to get them here.

I'm curious, do you think that all of the people displaced by Katrina refuse to help themselves?

Help would be temporary if the Bushists could do anything right. It's only their incompetence that keeps people in FEMA trailers.