Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why age matters

Bill Clinton started in office as a young man.

The job plus the Republican persecution of his juvenile stupidity took their toll.

Duhbya is Clinton's age and started eight years later. Without makeup, his face already bore the marks of alcohol abuse, but you can't see them here.

Still looks like an idiot, maybe even moreso, though significantly aged.

Without makeup, Duhb looks really bad. And he doesn't even work that hard at his job.

McCain is older than either of them. Not older than they were at their inaugurations. Older than they are now. Not a baby boomer like them, a Depression baby.

Is it just me, or should McCain's before picture be his after picture?

Would he look like this running for re-election in 2012?


It's a very demanding job even if you take August off every year like Duhbya. McCain comes from a long-lived family, but it's the women who live long. He has already outlived his father.

Each image links to its source. I'm using them under various permissions. A couple stretch fair use. If you own rights to the worse Duhbya image or the Cryptkeeper and object to their use, I'll take them down.

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