Friday, August 29, 2008

Mel Gibson starring in Maverick

Ohmigod, McCNN is now calling Sarah Palin a maverick.

Look, they didn't pick that word by accident. It came to them straight from the McCain campaign or from a McCain supporter in editorial management.

Now, if the GOP can just get Mel Gibson to play McCain, they'll have their teen road movie fully cast. They can publish the script on McCNN as they write it.

A real journalist would be embarrassed by the headline. Maybe one of those who still works for CNN will make them take it down.


Dan said...

Who is Palin??? Why should she be one heartbeat away from the Presidency??
I do NOT want to hear anyone arguing that Obama is inexperienced… EVER AGAIN!!!
It is clear to me that Mccain is using women as a tool… just to gain votes for him. The Biden choice is a respectful one, because it was to benefit the country… the Palin choice, I’m not so sure about… it seems as though it was carefully crafted to benefit Mccain only, which is rather disingenuous to women and I hope Hillary voters see right through it!
It just goes to show you that you do not have to have political experience anymore - you can be a “hockey mom” and be one heartbeat away from the presidency nowadays.
I can't wait for the debates between Palin and Biden, and she has to explain the difference between Sunni and Shia... she will be looking for Liebermann.

Anonymous said...

She's not qualified to be president. End of story. What was McCain thinking. Oh yeah, I know -- he'd rather win an election than protect the country.

Anonymous said...

Palin embroiled in a scandal currently, as reported by the washington post.

Dan said...

Why does this post say "Mel Gibson...maverick??" He's a drunk anti-semite.
The choice of Palin shows you that you just have to have to be a "hockey mom" in order to be qualified to be one heart beat away from the highest office in the land - according to the GOP. I thought it would be Romney because of the lack of economic abilities from Mccain, but this choice of Palin makes me solidify my independant stance to support Obama. I cannot believe how light heartedly Mccain took this choice, as if to be a slap in the face to Americans. He chose her thinking with the wrong head after one look and is trying to win over votes from masculin rednecks who think she is "hot" and Hillary voters who think she is "hot." SERIOUSLY! - that is all I heard on conservative talk radio shows explain why they thought she was a great pick! - because she is "hot." I'm sorry, but no one is going to be able to have sex with her, so I do NOT want this Palin chick in a position to be president.

I can't wait until Biden tears her up at the VP debates!!

lovable liberal said...

Dan, too lame a reference, I guess...