Monday, August 18, 2008

Obama campaigns - of all the damn gall

Can you believe Obama? First he shares a politic hug with McCain. And the very next day, he's out campaigning again! He even criticizes his opponent. The nerve of some people, to flip-flop like that.

At least, that's how McCNN and the AP see it:

So much for hugging in church.
What a vacuous lead.


Anonymous said...



Clinton News Network loathes McCain.

lovable liberal said...

Really, you think that? No wonder you believe in the myth of the liberal media. You do have faith in that right-wing bullshit, am I right?

McCNN will publish anything the McCain campaign sends them. Watch the Political Ticker, and you'll see.

McCNN also believes in all the myths about McCain - that he's a straight talker, not the constant flip-flopper that he really is; that he never tries to make hay out of his POW status, which he always does; that he's knowledgeable about foreign policy, which he shows over and over he isn't.

I could go on...