Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pray it away

Why can't Pat Robertson pray Gustav away? If God is a Republican as the Republicans seem to think (but won't admit they think), why would he send a hurricane at this critical time?

Republicans have learned something since Katrina: They've learned to turn disaster to PR advantage:

"He wants to do something service-oriented if and when the storm hits and it's as bad as its expected to be now," the McCain source said.

They are also hoping to get McCain himself to a storm-affected area as soon as possible.
There he goes again, presumptuously acting as if he were already President.

Public domain image from Wikimedia Commons.

Update (8/31): More analysis, less snark at Massachusetts Liberal.


Outraged Liberal said...

Nice post -- but I thought I was pretty snarky too!

lovable liberal said...

True. As I clicked Publish, I thought about elaborating to say that mine was all snark, where you mixed in analysis, but then I clicked anyway. Of course, to be even more accurate, I snuck in a wee schosh of analysis, too.

What I should have said: A good post on the same subject at Mass Lib...