Monday, August 18, 2008

Noticing the lie

McCNN offers this defense of John McCain:

Sometimes you just have to take it on faith.
Uh, guys, how has blind credulity toward Republicans (or Democrats, for that matter) worked out in the recent past? Did you learn anything like maybe a little skepticism?

Of course, we all know that you're too polite to notice that Christian pastor Rick Warren lied when he claimed:
"[W]e have safely placed Senator McCain in a cone of silence."
It's foggy, but I seem to recall something about bearing false witness. Wasn't that forbidden or something? And this is the guy whose reassurance of McCain's unquestionable probity you're instantly accepting.

Look, politicians run late, and there's probably no story here, despite three - count 'em - bylines. But wouldn't it be the right role for a journalist to ask impertinent questions to find out whether there's a story?

Nah. Never happen.

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