Friday, August 29, 2008

Truth hurts

The McCain campaign is really, really not going to like this analysis by CNN's Rebecca Sinderbrand. To their lights, it's far too willing to lay down the simple truths that McCain wants to obscure in bullshit. I suspect that even now men are shouting into telephones...

Here's something I like:

Barack Obama added a few new words to the mix, all drawn from his personal experience: food stamps, scholarships and loans. It's the language of the working class, and it's turf John McCain can't compete on.
Directly in her own voice, Sinderbrand tells us the truth.

She also puts her readers before the Republican spin machine with this:
McCain's campaign ran a masterful media campaign this convention week -- doling out leaks and false leads on his VP search, and releasing daily attack ads designed to inflame Democratic rivalries -- in an effort to claim a small share of the spotlight.
She also sprinkles in good illustrative chunks of Obama himself. Nice work.

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