Saturday, August 30, 2008

Reaction stories tilt right

McCNN has been running stories all week that were entirely cobbled together out of Republican reactions to events at the DNC. Many of them had URLs that included 'gop' and 'reax'.

Today, McCNN runs a Sarah Palin reaction story. It is emphatically not a Democratic reaction story - it leads with Republican reactions from the McCain campaign (how's that a reaction?), from Tim Pawlenty (R-MN), from Jim DeMint (R-SC), from John Boehner (R-OH), and even from Duhbya (R-disaster).

Then and only then does the story get to reaction from Democrats. This is another reason I call the network McCNN.


Nicholas said...

From the BBC:

"Mrs Palin's electoral chances may be harmed by the fact that she was placed under investigation in Alaska by state lawmakers at the end of July.

She sacked a public safety commissioner and the allegation is that she sacked him because he had not fired a state trooper who is Mrs Palin's former brother-in-law, and who is in a custody battle with her sister. "

Anonymous said...

The Leftist NObama crowd better stay away from the poker tables until they learn how to keep their hands quiet. If they really thought that Gov. Palin was a weak pick for VP, they would be dancing and partying while they prepared for a slam dunk in November. Contrast that with how they have reacted in the past few days -- hysteria and mindless spin. Let's face it, Palin is a huge hit and the NObamists are scared to death that John McCain has completely outflanked them like a great military tactician would on the battlefield. You can bet that Bill and Hillary are licking their chops, too, and must be really restraining their glee.

lovable liberal said...

Hysteria and mindless spin? Good phrase but it applies to the Republican. Palin is great for securing the base. In September. A campaign with a "great military tactician" at the helm would have done that months ago.

Palin's a huge hit with people who might otherwise have defected to Bob Barr or to a separatist who doesn't know how to spell 'separatist'.

But hey, she's been to Ireland! We can rest easy.

Anonymous said...

Back to NObama's poker-playng clinic, LL. You just fell into the trap. You see, pros don't let others see their cards. This fear is all over your lips. Are you trying out for some Hollywood suicide bomber next week? LOL

Anonymous said...

LL, I suppose you think Biden was a great choice. We should be asking when NObama is going to going to dump Biden.

Personally, I'm so glad that NObama chose Biden. It's going to allow me some chuckling relief from the professional spinmasters on TV. Here's my favorite bit of his so far. In Biden's acceptance speech. he proudly and sincerely told his family story, emphasizing that the most important lesson that he learned from his father was never let adversity get you down: "My dad told me, when you fall down, get right back up...." Then, within 30 seconds of that comment, he linked it to a political point that we must change administrations in Washington so that we can lift up the poor and middle class who have fallen on hard times. You know, he didn't even realize the contradiction, and none of the TV commentators did either. Apparently poor Joe didn't get his Dad's point about picking himself up. What a guy!

lovable liberal said...

Back to NObama's poker-playng clinic, LL. You just fell into the trap. You see, pros don't let others see their cards. This fear is all over your lips. Are you trying out for some Hollywood suicide bomber next week? LOL

This makes about as much sense as a two-year-old. What you think is an argument is just bullshit from different cattle strung together with a needle and thread. Fun job for you but it doesn't hold together.

How's that dormitory poker game treating you? You just drew 2-7 off suit. And your eye is twitching. Better muck 'em and hope for a better hand in 2012.

One other thing: Adding "LOL" at the end of something is not a good substitute for writing something that's actually funny. You seem like the kind of guy who laughs at his own jokes.

lovable liberal said...

Actually, I didn't have a strong VP preference for Obama. I'm o.k. with Biden, but I was leaning slightly to Wesley Clark.

As for the big gaffe you found, only a simpleton who sees the world in black and white could think there's a contradiction between getting back up and helping others. I guess if you ever break your leg, you won't expect any help getting back on your feet.

This is really easy stuff. You should be better at it. Play less poker and try going to class. (I'm assuming you're the same anonymous who posted at 4:50.) That will be more systematic than exposing your foolishness here and having me point our your errors a few at a time. Plus, your parents are already paying for it.