Saturday, August 2, 2008

More balance from McCNN

Conservative Republicans (is there any other kind?) stage a bit of political theater in the House chamber, and McCNN gives the Democratic response at the very bottom of the story from a passing citizen.

"I was not impressed at all," said Sue Miller, from Memphis, Tennessee. "Democrats did not have a chance to defend themselves."
Not that Miller didn't handle the task well, but shouldn't Nancy Pelosi get a chance to make insulting remarks back at the Republicans?

Nah, reporters who would give the Republicans a pass with passive voice aren't going to be fair.
A strange partisan divide evolved during the event. The tourists who were signed up for tours with Republican congressmen and senators were frantically ushered in to fill seats on the chamber floor. But tourists with passes from Democratic offices watched from above, in the balconies.
This partisan divide didn't evolve. It was designed, and any reporter worth the name would have said so.

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