Saturday, August 2, 2008

I smell a promotion

Why McCain could still win - stories from McCNN like the one yesterday called "Why White House race is a close call"...

Let's look at the journalistic bullshit:

  • Six paragraphs of the infatuated view of McCain, starting with, " You can't keep a good man down."
  • A single cherry-picked poll that shows McCain ahead. Again, the pun word 'outliar' occurs to me.
  • The false claim that no poll puts Obama over 50%, when CNN's own poll this week does. Hint: It's not the only one, either.
  • The complete omission of the McCain fusillade fired at Obama while he was travelling abroad.
  • This ending: " A lot of Americans simply like John McCain and aren't ready to back Obama."
Jonathan Mann and his editor should be canned for this piece of spin. But they work for McCNN, so I smell a promotion.

Update (8/3): Especially if you're here from McCNN, here's a story you're not getting.


Anonymous said...

Sorry - the author is correct.
Obama seems like an inexperienced smooth-talkomg car salesman.
I would not buy a car from him so I cannot vote for him.

Anonymous said...

I'd go even further. CNN and other mainstream news outlets are completely ignoring how Presidents are elected in the US - not by gaining 51% of the popular vote, as this poll tracks, but on a State by State basis winning electoral votes counting towards the Electoral College.

When you look at state by state polling, particularly in this year's battleground states, Obama is way ahead with 304 EVs vs McCains 234. As things currently stand, Obama is winning a landslide 68% of the Electoral College votes.


Anonymous said...

Oh I should have shared a good site which tracks Electoral College projections based on state by state polling :

Anonymous said...

The polsters are only reaching white blue collar workers clinging to their land lines.Young people have cell phones.

lovable liberal said...

Anonymous, heaven forbid we have a President who can actually form his own sentences. That would be a sign of the apocalypse!

But admit it, you're still a Duhbya supporter, and nothing Obama could do would win your vote.