Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thanks again, Gary Hart

What I want to know: Did the tip to the National Enquirer come from a Republican source? Rielle Hunter herself? Someone on the campaign? A member of the public?

Of course, if I were a Republican operative (shudder!), I'd launder my tip through, say, the bellhop at the Beverly Hilton. I'd be a nameless guy in the bar telling the witness how the Enquirer pays cash for good tips. No fingerprints.

I have no evidence, but it's a dirty game. If Duhbya would lie about everything, but especially about war-making in Iraq, and McCain would give up all his principles (torture? o.k.) to achieve the nomination, it's hard to imagine that no one is surveilling their opposition looking for salacious stories just like this.

This is how the game is played now, as sad as that is and as doomed as perhaps our democracy is because of it. Somehow though, I doubt that the Democrats are smart enough and bloody-minded enough to know this and act upon it. They really need to have some deterrence to show the Republicans: "You out any affair that Obama has had, and we'll out any affair of McCain's. Do we have an understanding?"


An Independent Truth said...

Hey stupid,got your attention, good. This wasn't about who is republican or who is democrat sheesh you left and right wingnuts are all the same,can't see the forrest for the trees. Every time one of your do nothing politicians gets caught with their willy where it doesn't belong you folks (depending on who willy it is)start pointing fingers at each other and leave us Independents who enjoy actually looking at information and deciding for our selves instead of being led by the nose and told what to think. Noone seems the least bit concerned that this story has been around for a couple of years now. If you were so concerned about a republican plot then why didn't your prescious Howard Dean look into it ? I'll tell you why, because noone not even the
gop thought it was true. After all it did originate from the National Enquirer for christ sakes. If the GOP wanted to torpedo someone do you really believe that they would use the National Enquirer ? Do everyone around you a favor put aside your "HATE" for anyone who doesn't think and act like you do and take a deep breath and stop letting your party pee down your back and tell you its just rain. And rest assured I have jump down the throats of Ann Coulter wanna be's as well.

lovable liberal said...

A lot of what I wrote actually agrees with some of your points, just without the illiteracy. And I tip my cap to you for your undiscriminating anger at everyone. If you want to be something other than a bitter misanthrope you might try to be "independant" in something other than your spelling. (Note to other readers: Check out his blog for lots of fun.)

Oh, and last, bite me.