Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm outta here

Gloria Borger is going on vacation in August, and by god, we'd better go, too. None of this messy politics stuff - "candidate noise" - while she's gone. Instead, the August lull is her eternal verity. After all, she wants to be in on trivializing whatever comes up, and she can't be expected to do that from the beach, can she?

Really, her piece is so superficial that I'd say she was already mailing it in except that that's what senior political analysts do for a living. I wish I had such an easy job. As it is, I can do hers and mine, too. Without a vacation.

C'mon, CNN, how about a sinecure for me, too? Feed the hand that bites you! I'll take whatever Borger makes, and I'll give you a minimum of 500 words every day. And I won't channel the conventional wisdom. I'd even excise 'fuck' and the much-loved 'bullshit' from my on-line vocabulary.

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