Monday, October 6, 2008

GOP doctrine of total political war

John McCain has a choice: lose honorably or generate a furious shitstorm of mudslinging to change the race's undeniable trend.

Ed Rollins advocates another way, not a bomb-dropping attack, but a return to Republican ideology. This is a stunning rejection of the orthodox GOP core doctrine of total political war, and no one in the McCain camp appears to be listening.

McCain tasted total political war from the Bushists in 2000. Now, the hero of the Hanoi Hilton can rationalize any means to his own ends - because he's a hero, after all. If he gave up his conscience on torture in order to gain the nomination from the pro-torture Republican base, how bad is a little gutter politics?


Howard said...

Thank goodness McCain and Palin are finally taking off the gloves. Like millions of Americans I've awaited the truth, while feeling frustration watching Obama get a free ride. Subjects like Wright, Farrakhan, Pfleger, Rezko, Ayers, and others, seem to have been off limits for discussion, when they go to the core of who Obama is. In defense of Obama, the media treats him like a sacred cow, and implies that since these subjects were visited at one time, they're not fair game to revisit ... but, why not? Like millions of Americans I've never been comfortable with Obama attending Jeremiah Wright's church for TWENTY YEARS ... suddenly quitting for political expediency, and then claiming that he never heard the racist, anti-American sermons going on there. Also, the Trintity church website has since sanitized it's previous links on the 'Black Values System' ... and, the 'Black Liberation Theology' which Obama sworn an oath to for TWENTY YEARS.

lovable liberal said...

Ah, we have a talk radio listener who has deigned to stop by with some predigested right-wing bullshit. No matter, the voters are moving to Obama.

Anonymous said...

I hope McCain listens to Ed Rollins and blows up tonight. Going negitive has helped Obama more than anything else. McCain is not the same John McCain of the past.

lovable liberal said...

Uh, anon 6:40, only one of your three sentences is true, the last one. McCain used to have honor; now he doesn't. Your first sentence is based on a misreading of Rollins, who thinks McCain should not drop bombs. Your second sentence attributes going negative to the wrong ticket, as it has clearly been the Republicans who have gone negative.

Don't worry. Take the blue pill and believe ... whatever you want.