Friday, October 17, 2008

Short election cycle

Huh? Short?

Well, in an ever so long week and a half, CNN's Bob Greene has gone from interviewing people (voters? I doubt it) who hadn't yet really paid attention to the Presidential election to those who are sick and tired of it like this vacuous woman:

Karen Dyer, 45: "I'm tired of it. I'd like to read about something happy instead."

Such as?

"Such as the war being over," she said. "That would be happy, wouldn't it? I'd like to read about that, not about McCain and Obama."

Nah, those things couldn't possibly be connected. Maybe a better name for Greene's beat would be "Apolitical white folks with nothing to add." Yeah, I've been reading his columns, but only to find out what new cultural banalities he can celebrate.

Pretty soon, he can pick up with missing blond white girls or how paint peels off a desolate drive-in movie screen or how middle-aged couch potatoes can lose weight but still watch eight hours a day of "reality" shows or what to do in small town honky-tonks on Saturday night (get drunk and look for nookie so you'll have something to ask forgiveness for in the morning).

I have to say this: I won't miss Greene's columns.

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