Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Memory hole

Get John McCain off of a simple formulaic message, and he often stumbles. Does this mean he's suffering from dementia? I don't know, but he didn't always do this. A Bill Clinton style policy wonk he never was, but he must have made sense on the 2000 straight talk express, when he wasn't getting so much careful political management. Else what did they talk about? Sex, drugs, and Abba?

What I really have trouble understanding is how McCNN can point to Ronald Reagan's famed age quip in 1984 without acknowledging the ample evidence that Reagan was already suffering from cognitive decline at the time, and of course, it's public record that he did turn out to have Alzheimer's. But here's the sum total of all Reagan references:

Or McCain might take a page from Ronald Reagan, who was 73 when he ran for re-election in 1984. During a televised debate against Walter Mondale, then 56, Reagan famously began by saying, "I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I will not hold my opponent's youth and inexperience against him." The audience laughed. Reagan went on to win the election.
Did the reporter think that wasn't relevant? Or did he just not want Tucker Bounds or Nicolle Wallace yelling at him and his editor?


Dan said...

The US is corrupt from within, The Republicans do not want to see the Democrats win and do well, so they will fabricate an economic collapse in order to hijack us and blackmail us to vote Republican. C'mon, the markets did not react until after Bush came out and said the sky was falling in a twleve minute speech. You tell me this wasn't fabricated. Once he said that, everyone raced to their banks the next day and withdrew all of their assets = an economic collapse. Thanks again Bush, everything you do and say kills something or turns it to stone. Bush even tried to help out his successor to be Mccain by letting him in on it, so he can "suspend" his campaign and look like a "maverick." This backfired, and the American people are not buying this whole bluff. Obama will win by a landslide.
The Republicans will even stage the next attack on the US by a covert CIA operation, much like the same thing they did for 9/11, just so they can make Obama change his platform immediately upon his inauguration. Watch.
The world is caught up in a global tug of war between Democrats and Republicans.

lovable liberal said...

Uh, Dan, I don't think so. The credit crisis is real, and if the McCain faux suspension was a big conspiracy, it was pretty badly done.

Anonymous said...

First off... you people sound like loons. Talk about memory lapse... Isn't it funny how Obama has erased from his memory "how well" he knows Ayers??? The blame for the current situation goes to both parties. The Democrats have been in control of the house for about two years now, why haven't they done anything about the financial crisis before now?
Barney Frank is a moron and so is Chris Dodd and Cox. And for Dan to actually utter the words that 9/11 is an inside job is disgusting. For all those that really think that America would something that horrific to it's own people, maybe you should move to another country. All the left wing liberal loons hate George W. Bush so much that they wish and want this great country to fall to shame. This is the greatest country in the world. I'm proud to be an American. I'm ashamed at all my fellow Americans following Obama around like sheep. So he gives good speeches and brings in large crowds. His rhetoric is no different than all the other politicians. Maybe Joel Osteen should be the next President?? He gives good speeches, people feel good after listening to him and he brings in big, big crowds. But that would make as much since as Obama being our next President.

Nancy said...

Joe Biden seems to have "Memory" loss. He mentioned in the debate something about "Katie's Kathy's" restaurant saying to join him there and it closed in the 90's he also mentioned a president a while back and that particular president he mentioned was not president at the time, he is loosing it. I agree with a post about Obama having "Memory" loss when Bill Ayers name is mentioned. He is such a liar and all of you need to take off your rose colored glasses they say love is blind and all you Obama lovers need to remove those glasses before it is too late,

lovable liberal said...

Clowns to the left of me, jokers (and morons) to the right.

Why is it that wingnuts write so badly? No, 9/11 was not a covert US operation; it was al Qaeda work done mainly by Saudi national Sunnis. But, jeez, anon and Nancy, you guys think the same way you write, all disorganization and bullshit.

skysurfer96 said...

So what's the point with McCain's age and health? You think Palin is unsuitable to step in if McCain's health fails? Obama is even less qualified to lead than Palin and he is at the top of the Democratic ticket. You want McCain's health records dissected in detail, then let's have at Obama's. His father was a drunk and finally died after one too many drunk driving accidents. Obama himself admits to using alcohol and cocaine heavily in the past. Will he crack under the responsibility of the office and fall back into drug and alcohol use? Maybe he should undergo full psychological testing prior to the election and if elected be subject to random drug and alcohol testing which should be made public. Maybe he should just excuse himself from the election since he is really guilty of felony drug use but just managed to evade detection, arrest, and conviction.

lovable liberal said...

My main point is about the media's bland assurance that the precedent of Reagan's scripted quip should be reassuring about McCain's cognitive status, when in fact Reagan appears to have had the early stages of Alzheimer's at least during his second term. Duh!

By the way, I guess you're probably also worried about the persistent reports that Duhbya is drinking again, which seem more credible because of the increased floridness and puffiness of his face. Or maybe he's just aging, which is possible.

I don't think Obama ever said "heavily" in regard to his cocaine or alcohol use. That again would be Duhbya, though he didn't directly admit that he was a coke-head. He simply fixed on a simple formula for the simple-minded like you.

lovable liberal said...

Sorry, sky, my gibe in the last line was uncalled for. Must be especially cranky this morning.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll be anon #2 cause this is to anon that has already posted:
I think you need to check your facts cause it sounds like your memory or is it your brain needs more exercise. Fact: The education project described in the McCain ad, is far from being "radical," had the support of the Republican governor and was run by a board that included prominent local leaders, including one Republican who has donated $1,500 to McCain's campaign this year. The project is described by Education Week as reflecting "mainstream thinking" about school reform.
So Obama knows Ayers? Was he out planting bombs with him? Oh that's right he was 8 years old when Ayers was accused of that. Yes I know the old addage "you lie with dogs you end up with fleas" but I also believe that guilt by association is just as dangerous. They were on a charitable board to help education (which yes we need instead of paying for wars, bailouts, oil royalty).
I don't hate Bush enough to want our country to fail nor do I know any that do so don't speak for all of us liberals. Besides wishes & wants don't supply anything tangible. What Bush has done these past 8 years gave him enough rope to hang himself with. And get set cause Obama is going to be our next president! It makes SENSE!
And Nancy he mentioned television instead of radio. It wasn't about the wrong president just the wrong technology. I am sure all 4 of them are tired of the relentless campaigning and have misspoke.