Sunday, October 19, 2008

Strike up the bandwagon

Colin Powell finally stops dithering and endorses Barack Obama. Powell has been the antithesis of John McCain, never impulsive, never rocking the boat. If Powell had been just a little more willing to strike out on his own, he could have secured a legacy as a steady steward of American security. Instead, by allowing the Bushists to use him as mouthpiece for their lies, Powell missed the chance to go down in history as a man of honor. Though I'm sure Obama welcomes his support, it's really too little too late for Powell to expiate what he did while working for Duhbya.

There is one thing about Powell's endorsement and the still increasing cash bandwagon: The more the country unites behind Obama, the easier the country will be to govern. And make no mistake, that's important. No matter who is President, no matter who leads Congress, this is a difficult time for America and it will require the best sort of politics to move us forward as a nation.

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