Saturday, October 18, 2008

Side effects may include

Obama's a pretty funny guy, too, and not just his big, lovely, goofy ears:

At a campaign rally in Roanoke, Obama compared McCain's health care proposals to drug advertising.

"It's like those ads for prescription drugs. They start out and everybody's running in the fields and everybody's happy, then there's a little fine print that says, you know, the side effects they may include," Obama said to laughter from the crowd.
John McCain might love an erection lasting four hours (ah, to be fifteen again), but hives, depression, and suicidal ideation are more likely. Then there's the side effect of another industrial consumable, Olestra: anal leakage, which is a good metaphor for Republican campaigns.


Edmond Zola said...

Sarah Palin does make it sting when I pee.

lovable liberal said...

Sarah Palin gave you gonorrhea!? Now that's news. [/snark]