Saturday, October 18, 2008

What Sarah Palin means by pro-America

Palin means:

  • Pro-war: Patriotism is not about love of country. It's not about liberty and equality through law. It's the rightful last refuge of bullies and scoundrels.
  • Pro-secession: Sympathy for the Alaska Independence Party. Yep, politics makes strange bedfellows, literally in this case.
  • Pro-Confederate: The Second Amendment frames a right of insurrection.
  • Pro-fundie: How could a non-Christian be a good American?
  • Pro-wealthies: If you tax the largest among us, you tax me.
Like Joe Biden, I'm really sick of this crap - and the bullshit, insincere "clarifications" of wingnuts like Palin.


Anonymous said...

Is this just your opinion?

Or are you just Full of B.S.?

Interesting comment on you blog regarding Gov. Palin. (See Below).

lovable liberal said...
Sarah Palin gave you gonorrhea!? Now that's news. [/snark]

Not sure what class you are in, but looks to be pretty low and low on intelligence.

Take you backwards mentality to some male dominated society like Iran, and cultivate some real

lovable liberal said...

I guess that you didn't get the joke, even though I carefully closed with "[/snark]". Don't know what that means, huh?

For other readers who want to locate the full context, it's here.

Anonymous said...

So, is this post just your opinion?
Clearly, a biased and democrat fodder.

Snark, is also a type of early cruise missile.

You still aren't classy joking about it, snark or not,
and I doubt there are other readers.

lovable liberal said...

Well, see, I have this advantage over you. I see the readership numbers from Google Analytics. It's not my only advantage. I am also aware that this is a blog, so of course it's my opinion. The problem for you is that it's an informed opinion, where yours is not.

Not to mention that your sense of humor is missing... All in all, not your best day.