Saturday, October 25, 2008

Whitewashing bullshit

Petumenos: Hello, Governor, how are you today?

Palin: On advice of counsel--

Van Flein, Palin's leash-holding flack, uh, lawyer (sotto voce): That one's o.k.

Palin: Oh, I'm fine and mav'ricky today. Back atcha!

Petumenos: Good. Shall we get started?

Palin looks at lawyer, who nods.

Palin: I've been lookin' forward to clearin' my name.

Petumenos: Governor, did you at any time ever do anything wrong?

Palin: Uh.

Petumenos: ... in your official capacity as a government official.

Palin: No, of course not. It was all about reform. I'm a reformer. I reformed this investigation, din't I?

Van Flein: Objection!

Van Flein (sotto voce): Remember we prepped to stick to the question and not volunteer anything?

Palin: Oh, sure, you betcha.

Van Flein: Please ask again, Mr. Petumenos.

Petumenos: Governor, did you at any time ever do anything wrong in your official capacity as a government official?

Palin: No, not a thing.

Petumenos: Thank you for clearing that up, Governor, and thank you for your time. Let's see, that's all I have.

Don't tell me that McCNN can't tell the difference between the whitewash investigation and the real investigation. They know they're feeding us bullshit, but they got a press release from the McCain campaign, so they just have to do it.

One more time: The Alaska Personnel Board "investigation" is the one that Sarah Palin called on herself. This was not an honorable act. It was a blatant attempt to get a friendly forum for a whitewash. It's transparent public relations in the guise of legal process.

It's like boldly announcing, "Yes, my mother believes me."

Only naifs like McCNN think it's meaningful.

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