Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Here's the media's standard:

And her solid performance on "Saturday Night Live" suggests that regardless of what happens on Election Day, Palin could be a winner.
To imply that today's standard attains the mediocre, as my title does, is an insult to mediocrity.

Can idiocracy be far behind?

Oh, right, that's what we have now.

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Edmond Zola said...

What a ridiculous comment! A winner?? Palin on SNL came off as some one too dumb to realize the joke was on her. She got trashed to her face by Alec Baldwin and offered no rebuttal and on Weekend Update she danced awkwardly like your mom at a wedding after too much chardonnay ("Leave me alone, I'm having fun! Woo!"). No one will be swayed to vote Republican because she came off as a 'good sport.' Her appearance came off as exactly what it was: desperate.