Friday, October 10, 2008


I'm all for punishing the guilty. But first you have to find them.

Every election cycle, the Republicans place a story about massive voter fraud. Up till now, it has always been the stories that are frauds. Instead of thousands of illegal votes, there have been a handful, maybe a dozen.

This story will probably turn out the same way. If not, full force of law.

Meanwhile, the media should be more skeptical.

Update: Ask and ye shall receive:

ACORN spokesman Brian Kettenring said that in most cases the bogus registrations were flagged by ACORN supervisors during a review, brought to the attention of the local officials when they were submitted, and ACORN fired "probably a couple of dozen" employees who fabricated them. Under most state laws, the organization must submit every card an employee collects, he said.
(h/t Philosoraptor)


momapatrn said...

we are the poor people,minority, the workers. every election in wi. we have voter fraud. our govener dosen't believe it is politically correct to ask for i.d. we have alot of illegal aliens voting in the u.s. and using our money, we work for.

lovable liberal said...

How do you know? Do you have evidence? Are all those damn Canadians coming over to vote in Wisconsin? If so, I might not be happy to hear it, but I want to know the truth.

Anonymous said...

Who benefits from such blatant attempts to submit bogus registration forms? It is the Republican party.
I'd say it is extremely likely that Republican operatives signed up with Acorn to purposely sabotage registrations to insure these story's would appear so that surprise, surprise look what we have here, validation of all the smears that the right wing persist in making about those dastardly cheating Democrats.

lovable liberal said...

Well, anon, not beyond the realm of possibility, but we'll have to wait and see on that allegation, too.

momapatrn said...

i work in the public everyday. the ones who benifit is the people scamming the american people. if you keep up with the politics you would see the last election we had the tires were flattened by democrat to keep voters away. we have a financial crisis cause we are paying for other non american situations. read up. and we did have a conviction.

lovable liberal said...

Let's see, momapatrn, the topic is vote fraud, and you give me vandalism. Further, I call for the guilty to be punished. It's not as if I'm claiming that nothing ever happens. But I will claim this: Illegal Republican purges of the voters rolls adversely affect a far greater number of actual legitimate voters than anything either the Democrats or ACORN do.

After the topic mistake, you make other allegations that are at best fanciful.

For example, the only make-or-break money we spend overseas is spent in Iraq. The U.S. provides hardly any foreign aid, especially when the military aid is not included.

Those foreign expenditures have little to do with the current crisis, except insofar as they increase the amount of debt we have to finance. You seem delusionally concerned about foreigners. Think about the fact that the communist Chinese own over $1 trillion in U.S. Treasury bills, about $3500 for every man, woman, and child in American, including illegal aliens.

The evidence is in, and it shows that you don't know what you're talking about, despite your claim that I am uninformed. Try listening to something besides the sewer of bullshit that wingnut talk radio is.

lovable liberal said...

One more thing: I guess your stupid vandals didn't get the message, just as my stupid vandals didn't get it - 30 cars with slashed tires at an Obama rally. We'll see if these culprits are ever caught.

(Oh, and for the record, my last comment has a rather glaring grammatical error, though a Brit wouldn't think so. Oops!)