Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sleazy smear

Tara Wall writes a nasty piece of work about ACORN and the "soul of our electoral process." She can't even bring herself to admit there's disenfranchisement, putting it into quotes as if there's any doubt it goes on even now, prompted by Republicans, though I'd never expect her to admit that.

Like the sleaze merchant she has to be to write for the Washington Times, she doles out every bit of bullshit she can find or make up on her own. Here's the vilest:

Hey, what's a little cheating, the system isn't fair so black folks shouldn't be expected to play fair. Is ACORN suggesting that blacks have to cheat to get what they want or that Sen. Barack Obama (whom ACORN endorsed) can't win without cheating?
Uh, no, of course not. Did she hear that anywhere except at the water cooler with her wingnut employers? She certainly hasn't heard that from ACORN.

Tell me why CNN is publishing this tripe.

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Tom Levenson said...

Don't look now, but you've been tagged: http://inversesquare.wordpress.com/2008/10/28/the-dreaded-blog-six-random-self-absorptions-edition/