Thursday, October 30, 2008

Make her deny it

Sarah Palin sleeps with a secessionist. Does she deny it? But at least he doesn't have a funny, i.e. Middle Eastern, name.

Nirvana scenario: Palin wins Republican nomination to oppose President Obama in 2012. Wins less than 40% of the popular vote and electoral votes from only Idaho, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Utah, Alabama, South Carolina, and - natch - Alaska. Todd Palin admits later that he voted for the Alaska Independence Party nominee.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton will be running for President in 2012. You won't have a chance. She's a "Pro".
We can't forget our intellectual,wise Obama.
I don't want to be unkind but you look and sound like you're running for president of your high school...hmmm no maybe running for president of your public school.
Stay home and look after your family. They don't even go to school regularly. Bristol needs you,she needs a mother to help her with kindness and nurturing during her pregnancy. She's young to be going through this. Your little baby boy needs you. You say that you will fight for children with the same handcaps as your son. Look after your baby. He needs your love. STOP and think a mother gives him the basis from birth "HER LOVE"...not to show him off to the groups.
you have time for running for whatever you want, after you get your kids on their feet. In that time you can read, study and be ready for the future.

lovable liberal said...

My objections to Sarah Palin have nothing to do with her being a mother. She'd be terrible for the country.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is a "PROfessional" What?
What kind of idiotic statement is that?
Hillary hasn't done anything.

Certainly as a mother or wife, it is questionable, not even sure what kind of standard Hillary is creating for women in general. She touts Chelsea around like some kind of trained side kick, and we all know how much Bill respects her! - Hillary or Barack Obama can only wish they had Palin's qualifications, ability and ambition.

We know How Barack feels if one of his daughters were to get into a little trouble and “punished with a baby.”

Barack would be terrible for the country - When he tossed the flowers on the 9-11 ceremony. - Says a lot.

lovable liberal said...

You know you're a wingnut when you can't even repeat a talk radio talking point with a complete thought. Too much frothing at the mouth, I guess.

Three things I think will be true:
1) Barack Obama will be elected President on Tuesday.
2) Hillary Clinton will never be elected President.
3) Sarah Palin will never be elected President.

Since these are all conjecture, of course I can't prove them. Go ahead and try to disprove them if you like.