Friday, October 31, 2008

Factitious checking

McCNN looks to the goddamn Heritage Foundation to fact-check John McCain's desperate and obviously bullshit claims that Barack Obama's economic plan will "destroy six million jobs." The Heritage Foundation was created for the political purpose of manufacturing convenient right-wing factoids.

Funny, even by this completely spurious standard, CNN admits that McCain is misleading us!

But the truth is that McCain is bullshitting us even on his most fundamental claim. Democrats, not laissez-faire Republicans, do better economically for all of us. Obama is no exception.

Update (11/1): Joe Conason reminds me that Democratic Presidents ("goddamn socialists") do better even for the stock market. Of course, this stands to reason. If incomes are up in every quintile, GDP is up, and that makes equities go up, generally speaking.

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