Friday, October 24, 2008

Free market hooey

Why does CNN continue to thrust the discredited and unpopular idiocies of Ron Paul in front of us on a weekly basis? Do they have some contractual obligation to provide a certain percentage of bullshit content that they can't meet otherwise?

The laissez-faire market ideology that Ron Paul and his acolytes endorse has two things going for it: It's simple, and it's coherent. The major problem: It doesn't describe a world that ever existed anywhere, and it couldn't exist. The organization of business works every day to defeat free market conditions because the profit motive is to win, not merely to compete. Enterprises get too big to satisfy the condition of atomicity required by the models that the free marketeers love so much.

CNN should start ignoring Ron Paul in the same way the voters did. The man's a loon. He wants to get rid of the Fed. He thinks the Community Reinvestment Act caused the credit crisis, even though that's bullshit. It's o.k. with Paul if we have a depression, just so long as the government doesn't make any rules that put the common good ahead of opportunities to make a bundle and get out before the collapse.

If we have to have loons on the news, better to have a broader mix of loons instead of the same old loons every week. I hear Bill Ayers is available, but I guess he doesn't have enough money to buy this kind of ego-stroking publicity. Instead, next month we'll see Donald Trump and T. Boone Pickens and who knows how many other right-wing gasbags.

Some liberal media.

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