Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blogger flushes

I had written a screed about Todd Palin's superficial answers to questions about the firing of Walt Monegan. But after reading Palin's submission (PDF), I wasn't happy with it, so I saved it for later consideration, and Blogger flushed it. Maybe Blogger did me a favor.

Make no mistake, Sarah Palin fired Monegan, despite Todd's pleading that Monegan resigned rather than be reassigned to Nome or wherever. And the appearance that the Palins used their position to settle a personal score is an important issue.

But there's another important issue that the media need to look into, and that's Mike Wooten, who does indeed sound like the worst kind of cop, one who also used his position to settle personal scores.

Todd makes a lot of serious allegations. Could the media please look into both issues at once? Or are they too busy interviewing non-voters? Specifically, is there credible evidence that Wooten made death threats, or did someone overreact to having an armed adversary.

Update: Well, it wasn't Blogger. It was me. But I'm still glad I reconsidered.

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