Monday, October 20, 2008

Shooting craps with McCain

For John McCain, response to crisis is high-velocity fighter ordnance - fire off as many different weapons as you have. Never mind that you can't aim any of them. Fling metal. Something will find the mark.

McCain's performance for the past several weeks has been lurchingly erratic. It's not that he can't find his ass with both hands. It's that he can't recognize when he's grabbed onto something he should hold on to. Instead, he's off to his next attempt to shoot straight with nothing but his unjustified certitude that he's right this time. Problem is, he had that same certitude the last dozen times he thought he was right with a contradictory plan. The certitude is all he's got.

This is why McCain was such a crappy pilot. He lost four planes while flying for the Navy, two of them in training!

I don't think John McCain should be piloting America.

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