Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hey, my nickname's Neo, too

Since I spend so much of my time plugged into the Internet, maybe I'm a coppertop. But at least I can consult enough sources via Google to find out a little more than CNN reported about the context and message of this ragtag radical protest from Red Pill.

In most reports, typical of big media, we get the sound and fury but not enough of significance. They have good art in the form of amateur video, so they run it and call it a day. What did the banner say? You can piece it together as I did: "Make Democracy Direct". The best image is here, but the best story is here, even though it leaves 'make' out of the slogan it reports.

What the hell did the Neo-philes mean by that? Beats me. This report got a self-identified protester on camera, saying, "I was mauled by a police officer, and then he told me to have a nice day." Hilarious! (The cops were great, by the way. They didn't overreact, but they resolved the danger to all parties with a small amount of force.)

The radicals have learned a few things about media. Make noise with your dozen loons, and big media will report on you. All the liberals standing patiently on the sidewalk with their Obama signs didn't get much attention, and none of it came from CNN or the national media.

But the one radical who managed to get in front of a camera gave an off-message quote, so they still have that to learn. She may imagine that she had just been in the heat of battle (as if!), but she still has to deliver her group's message and nothing else. She didn't even identify herself as Trinity.

By the way, that is one big-ass motorcade Sarah Palin is riding around in. Were there reporters in all those white Chevy vans? Maybe one of them saw something. Probably not...

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