Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Choose your poison

For all those bleating sheep who pulled the wool over their own eyes and refused to believe the obvious fact that torture was (and, thanks to the likes of John McCain, still is) the policy of the Bushists, there are two choices:

  1. Admit that fact, or
  2. Deny it until you've been waterboarded, and then admit it.
I recommend option 1.

For this, George Tenet and Donald Rumsfeld received the Medal of Freedom. An all-expenses-paid trip to the Hague in a barely heated cargo hold would have been more appropriate.


Anonymous said...

Water boarding sounds like a recreational sport.

What is snow boarding? What is a boarding party?

Who is the board director of this blog?

Ironing board sounds more scary!

Are there water boarding lesson? Do you need a jet ski to do it? Or a wet suit?

lovable liberal said...

College boarding, something you never did! But I'm guessing you were smoking some dope when you wrote this prose poem of non sequiturs. Or maybe you're naturally dumb.

I guess you're choosing option 2. Will you be able to last more than 30 seconds past however long you can hold your breath? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, you were magna cum loud mouth, in you graduating class.

Your points on this blog reflects you intelligence.

If you had attended some higher education, it was probably a complete waste of money and time.
Your collegues, probably talk badly about you behind your fat old bald ass, and joke about you.

You haven't learned anything since you were conceived. I suggest starting over and try again.

uhhhh... may be not, you pundit wannabe!

OF course... the above is hypothetical, I don't know you, and quite frankly based on what you say here, looks like you are on some kind of democrat based brain washing.

lovable liberal said...

Every time you try to put down in comments what you vainly imagine is a thought, you prove again who has a brain in this exchange and who doesn't. Your grammatical, spelling, and diction errors are a constant source of amusement to me.

The magna cum loudmouth phrase, though, I liked that for its own merits.