Friday, October 3, 2008

Avoidance behavior

It's important to have debates, but it would be better to have revealing debates. No, I'm not talking about the pundit-fueled faux revelation we've seen so often in the past.

Still, I have to confess that the only part of the VP debate I've seen so far was an image of Sarah Palin shining off a widescreen TV through the window of a house I used to live in, as I drove by at 10:20 on the way home from tennis.

Well, I thought, she didn't collapse and need to be wheeled off the set, so she must have exceeded expectations.

Yes, I have it on the DVR - I think. That didn't go well for the first Presidential debate, so I can't be sure. I promise to watch it someday. I'm guessing that she completely met my expectations - since I didn't have any positive ones.

(Note: I got a helpful email that C-SPAN has a mash-up site for the debates, and the VP debate is there, too.)

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