Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who's giving you the finger again?

The media think you're too stupid to understand what's happening. Are they right?

Why no large polling bump from Obama's excellent adventure? Obviously, a constant barrage of negative McCain propaganda, which is everywhere filled with bullshit. Today is beat-up-McCNN day here at LL, so see the links.

Why isn't Obama further ahead? See figure, uh, answer 1.

Aren't all politicians the same? Uh, no. They all share some campaign strategies, and they all have human failings, but the media like to lump them together and shrug so that they can get off to the bar for conversations about the horse race. (By the way, the thoroughgoing bullshit in the linked "analysis" deserves its own debunking.)

Did McCain flip-flop on affirmative action? Any idiot (but not CNN) can see that his characterization of an AA ballot initiative in Arizona in 1998 as not needed and "divisive" was opposition even if he didn't use the exact words "I oppose this". If you think these two candidates have the same approach, as implied by the headline "Candidates oppose quotas, but offer no fix for affirmative action", then yes, the media is right to think you're stupid. Do you have trouble telling your ass from a hole in the ground, too?

Did McCain climb down on Iraq? Again, any idiot (but not CNN) can tell that a hundred years is a whole lot more than sixteen months. Yet, Obama's slight adjustments get way more play.

Who's giving you the finger? No, not Obama - the press corps, guided by press releases from highly credible (ha) Republican sources. No telling where their fingers are!

See full CNN image by clicking the cropped thumbnail.

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