Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sharp reversal ... in a good way

Headline griping is usually pointless, but here goes anyway.

McCNN's headline dresses up excellent news as a reversal. Yes, reversal comes from a quote, but it's misleading and suggests that Obama has lost Hispanic support when in fact he's running away with it.

(Note to Dems: Get out and register the half of CNN's sample who aren't registered. Yeah, the Republicans while keen and wail with no evidence that you're registering illegals. Put in controls so that you can rebut with them and let the Repubs whine and look stupid.)


truth said...

Honest to God, I wrote this before I ever looked at your blog!

Genius loves company, I guess.

truth said...

Bad link...tired...longday....

lovable liberal said...

Sorry I was out when you came to visit. I was over at your place making the same comment!