Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Closing the bullshit gap

Quote from John McCain:

"And also, you can't get over the fact that historically, when you raise people's taxes, guess what, revenue goes down."
Not only can this guy not count or even remember, he can't reason. He believes as an article of Republican faith the fairy tale that revenues always go up because of tax cuts, a happy-talk bullshit claim that Republicans love to spout. Paul Krugman has definitively slapped this down (but he's a shrill liberal, so they cover their ears and go, "na, na, na, I'm not listening").

Then McCain busts all rules of logic and "reasons" that the inverse must also be true (in the myths of Republicanism). McCNN says nothing, of course.

The problem in modern American politics is that openly being stupid is not a disqualifier for the Presidency. Instead, it makes you a man of the people, or the Republican base, anyway. Since Nixon's debacle, even the intelligent Republicans have pretended as hard as they can that they were stupid. Many of them (who could I be thinking of?) didn't (don't) have to pretend.

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