Monday, July 21, 2008

Approved messages

Tom Bevan "shake[s his] head when [he sees] people driving around my neighborhood with their faded Kerry-Edwards bumper stickers on." Huh? That's what's amazing?

It's the Duhbya stickers that amaze me. There goes someone with the courage of his convictions, I think. An idiot, but he's not backing down, so he has a real kinship with Duhbya.

Bevan is weighing in on South Carolina's 'I Believe' vanity plate. Of course, his source is an op-ed that elides the key fact that other religions can't get a plate with words on it and so are discriminated against.

Again, this is really simple: Christians can have their vanity plate if the law permits everyone else to have a vanity plate under exactly the same rules. Oh, and the rules can't be contrived to exclude everyone else. Ixnay on saying that whatever worldview is the majority (as if we didn't know) can have its plate.

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