Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh christ!

This visual artifact, a combination of random natural variegation of kitten fur and aliasing from a digital camera, is a message from God on high. Why doesn't this kind of obvious nonsense make other people question their beliefs? D'ya think that Genesis story could be myth after all? Nah, of course not. Someone once found a fallen leaf that looked like Noah's ark.

There's so much desire to believe something floating around the world that it has to land somewhere. I just find it odd that unthinking religious people like the ones who found this "face" use their unfounded belief to guide their reason, rather than the other way around. They believe because they want to believe, not because the world matches their belief. They use their brains to manufacture matches.

The fact that the media run one of these stories every three months or so makes me doubt our culture's long-term viability. The reporter even brings up the long-debunked but still ardently believed Shroud of Turin. Here, she's saying, let me encourage you in your fantasy.

We evidently eat up the bullshit and love how it tastes. Probably a fundamentalist Muslim would see the face of the Prophet. They like the taste, too. Dunno, this "guy" looks more African than Semitic to me. (Yes, I know it's mischievous of me to say that.)

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