Friday, July 25, 2008

McCain press release mashup

If McCain were really a tough guy, he'd promise to wait until he's President (never!) to meet with the Dalai Lama and really piss off the Chinese.

(Is there any doubt at all that the McCain campaign piled up a ton of press releases about mostly inconsequential things to compete with Obama's trip? And, of course, McCNN printed every damn one of them. Hey, an easy day at work!)

Update: Joe Klein, true to form, is oblivious to the obvious fact that Tucker Bounds is playing him.


Anonymous said...

Senator Obama,
Remember me? I'm the American voter who initially considered voting for you after eight long years of the Bush administration. However, you're recent decision to campaign everywhere EXCEPT the United States has demonstrated that the election is more about your ego than what matters--issues. Americans, while concerned about rebuilding with other nations and terrorism, want and need a leader who understands (and has a plan) for addressing domestic issues--education, economic and more.

My advice--catch the first plane back to the U.S. and start trying to win the heart AND minds of the "American" people. Just then, you might have a chance of not blowing the election.

lovable liberal said...

Hey, Anonymous, what a colossal load of RNC-sponsored crap! Where was your concern when McCain was campaigning Canada and Latin American after he sewed up the Republican nomination? Huh? When McCain was hectoring Obama about visiting Iraq, were you up on your soapbox, saying, no, no, no, stay home? Yeah, sure.

Some of you will repeat anything that Rush or Hannity says. After all this time and all the bullshit you've regurgitated, you might try learning your lesson and ignoring their propaganda.


Anonymous said...

McCain is an old geezer who is to lazy to do anything but attack Obama and raise his own campaign money. If you want another four years of republican garbage we just went through keep standing up for the idiot(McCain)and maybe we can dig ourselves a bigger hole than we are already in!!!

Gary said...

Gary Bonner

Why Obama will not win the presidency:

What a perplexing position citizens of these United States find ourselves. We have reached a cross-road as a nation. These are perilous times at home and abroad. Economic uncertainties abound and our fast eroding moral standing in the world threatens to place at risk our role as the world's most powerful influencer. Before us stand two starkly different choices whom, depending on our choice, may lead us into another "American Century" or may lead us further down the road to a permanent erosion of power and influence.

Essentially we are asked to vote for either of two approaches to moving forward. One approach seeks to harness American power and influence in order to rule the world; the other approach realizes that rather than American power, it is American principles and core values which must be harnessed that we might lead (not rule) the world.

We all know in our hearts that the right and just perspective to adopt is to "...harness American principles...that we might lead the world." For this is and has been the decidedly American root of our world perspective as a nation. This is our American way...our ethic. But there is one problem that causes us great consternation. The leader who most effectively espouses (and seems to most passionately believe in) the "decidedly American root of our world perspective..." is born the son of a minority group - the fruit of a relationship that in years past (and perhaps even now, if we be truthful with ourselves) was taboo.

The white guy, we know in our hearts is dangerous and wrong on almost every substantive issue affecting our welfare at home and abroad; yet we struggle to bring ourselves to truly embrace the other guy who espouses the most American of American ideals with enough eloquence and passion to ignite and capture the imagination of an entire next generation of Americans.

And so we vacillate and try to find ways to justify our guttural instinct to choose the guy who represents the past, though we yearn to step into the promise of the future. We whisper within the shadows of our body politic about " he Muslim...his middle name is Hussein...he's part Black...etc." We know within our hearts that Senator Barack Obama is the product of a conflagration of conspiring American ideals: freedom, justice, equality, meritocracy, our American melting pot. He is, as much as anything, one of our own.

My fear is that when we as a nation are on the other side of this decision...when we, in the end, vote our fears and forsake our promise; when we hold our heads down in shame as we watch John McCain's inauguration on our TVs; I fear that the Great Scribe of History will be left with no choice but to pen within our national epitaph, "...He came unto his own; and his own received him not."