Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A referendum on McCNN

After seven and a half long years of Republican misrule, faced with a choice between a Republican who promises (most days) to continue virtually all of the Bushist policies and a Democrat who has been 1% of the Senate, mostly in the legislative minority, Bill Schneider's so-called analysis is that the 2008 election will be a referendum on Barack Obama.

I don't call that analysis. I call it wishful thinking.

Oh, and bullshit, too.

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JohnnyN said...

I agree with you, lovable liberal.

The reason Obama is not getting a sizeable bounce in the polls after his exceptional overseas trip is because channels like CNN continue to tackle him before he makes any move. Before he even knew his ittinerary the press was telling voters that the trip was "a means to sure up his foreign policy credentials". In order words, a photo op, a theatrical act with no substance. If you're a voter you are innoculated of any chance of getting impressed no matter what he does. As soon as he came back he had a meeting with his economic advisory board and it was also sabotaged by the press as photo op. Before his wife went on The View some months ago the press quickly warned that it was only an image makeover.

With this kind of reporting it was only matter of time before voters stopped taking him serious. I think we now know which side the press is on.